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Dec 17, 2004 04:48 PM

Stable whipped cream

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What's the easiest and least taste-intrusive way to stabilize whipped cream? Not for a hot summer day, just so it won't collapse while waiting for dessert at an upcoming potluck? Thanks again.

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    1. I throw in a couple of tablespoons of instant vanilla pudding just dandy. Or I think it's Oetkers that sells little envelopes of 'whip cream stabalizer'. Probably much the same contents as the instant pudding.

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      1. re: Cyndy

        The Oeteker's product is called Whip It and it does work very well.

      2. I've heard Tylor Florence saying that a few large melted marshmellow will stablize whipped cream...never tried it myself.

        Also geletin should do it also, but not sure of the porpotions.

        1. A quarter- to a half-cup of powdered sugar added to the cream before whipping works very well; the cream whips faster, too.

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            I had heard add cornstarch, but since powdered sugar contains cornstarch, you're killing two birds with one stone.

          2. A couple of Tbsp nonfat dry milk per cup of heavy cream will stabilize it without affecting the flavor.