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Stable whipped cream

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What's the easiest and least taste-intrusive way to stabilize whipped cream? Not for a hot summer day, just so it won't collapse while waiting for dessert at an upcoming potluck? Thanks again.

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    1. I throw in a couple of tablespoons of instant vanilla pudding mix...works just dandy. Or I think it's Oetkers that sells little envelopes of 'whip cream stabalizer'. Probably much the same contents as the instant pudding.

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        The Oeteker's product is called Whip It and it does work very well.

      2. I've heard Tylor Florence saying that a few large melted marshmellow will stablize whipped cream...never tried it myself.

        Also geletin should do it also, but not sure of the porpotions.

        1. A quarter- to a half-cup of powdered sugar added to the cream before whipping works very well; the cream whips faster, too.

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            I had heard add cornstarch, but since powdered sugar contains cornstarch, you're killing two birds with one stone.

          2. A couple of Tbsp nonfat dry milk per cup of heavy cream will stabilize it without affecting the flavor.

            1. If you want to sweeten whipped cream, fine, but what makes it collapse in the short run is that it "weeps" or "leaks" the whey in the cream -- the liquid watery stuff. So what you want to do is hold it in such a way that it's not sitting in the whey.

              The easiest thing to do is put the whipped cream in a colander or large sieve and put that over a bowl to catch the drips. Refrigerate it, completely covered. This stuff will pick up fridge flavors and odors faster than you can say, "profiteroles".

              1. Just had to add this to the list. When I moved, apparently the movers put my whipped cream maker from the fridge into a box. A couple of months after them ove I picked up the ISI whipped cream maker from a cabinet and opened it up to put in ingredients for a dessert. Major explosion and stuff over everything in the kitchen. Fortunatly everyone was in hysterics (they were watching me cook everything as part of the dinner) and helped up cleaning. Not quite as bad as when my infant daughter slammed her fist down on a rice pudding dish that actually went high enough to hit the ceiling fan and you know what happened then....