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Dec 17, 2004 04:45 PM

Lemon cake recipe?

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Can anybody point me in the direction of a simple but good lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting? I'm just a pretty-handy-in-the-kitchen husband wanting to make my wife a requested B-Day cake. THANKS.

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  1. Most of the cakes I've seen are using a lemon icing, but here is a very simple Lemon Cream Frosting:,1830,1...

    The cake recipe is made in a loaf pan, don't know if that will matter to you.

    If you need any help post back here.

    No matter what - I think it is so nice that you are willing to attempt making a cake for your wife. Hope she has a nice birthday.


    1. There's a really good Lemonade Layer Cake on the Cooking Light site, it's really lemony because it has lemonade concentrate as an ingredient. I think the icing is made with cream cheese, it's also very good.

      I'd provide a link but for some reason I can't access the Cooking Light site right now.

      1. Found an alternate link to the recipe.