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Dec 17, 2004 09:22 AM

Vegetable ideas - asian flavors

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I'm going to a dinner party tonight, and I've been assigned a "vegetable." I'm going to bring over my wok and outdoor rig and stir fry some things on their patio (as to not take up precious kitchen space).

Since the main course is ham, I don't want to get too crazy with the asian flavors. I think that I'm going to toss the vegetables in a very light peanut and soy sauce - not enought to overpower the other dishes.

My idea is to bring over blanched asparagus, blanched chinese broccoli, thin carrots, red bell pepper, mushrooms, and possible some good water chestnut. See any problems with that? I'm trying to decised if I should toss it with fresh kaffir lime leaf or thai basil, or what?

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  1. That sounds pretty delicious. Usually when I stir fry veggies the Chinese way I use nothing but peanut oil, minced garlic and salt. The secret it to get that wok super hot. And I mean to the point of the steel actually glowing red. Then squirt a few teaspoons of oil on there, toss in the garlic and then the veggies. Toss and stir like crazy while sprinkling salt and/or any extra seasonings. You'll get a nice spectacular flame-up once in a while. It's the only way to get that elusive "wok-hey" flavor.

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      Sesame oil is also a good one to stir fry with...also, add in some slices of fresh ginger.

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        Actually, I'm bringing my turkey frying propane rig over. So I can actually get my wok *white* hot. When you pour the oil in, it hits the flash point sometimes!

        There is an element that you can buy from Thai people that fits a propane wok-rig. There are probably 50 little burners aligned in different directions.

      2. I'm doing something of a very similar nature on Sunday for an early Xmas (Festivus?) dinner for 4 - peapods, baby corn, water chestnuts, sliced shittake, and red, yellow, and orange peppers. I'll be sauteing the whole shebang with garlic, soy, a bit of palm sugar, and sesame oil to season, and then garnishing with toasted sesame seeds. I'm thinking of this plan of action: do the 'shrooms and peppers first, add the garlic, then the rest of the veggies. Then I'll add the seasoning ingredients, and a light cornstarch slurry (just a little) to glaze. I think that seasoning combo might be good with your melange, too.

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          That sounds great - I added my red/yeallow/orange bell peppers in a little later, but that's a personal preference.

          I ended up with water chestnuts, regular mushrooms, chinese broccoli, unripe papaya, carrots, the peppers, thai basil, garlic, soy, a little bit of peanut sauce. I should have either subbed the peanut sauce for palm sugar or left out or cut back on the kaffir lime...

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            .....they are hella-strong! I'm using them in a another dish, though, Thai green curry with mussels - I'm trying not to duplicate flavors in the mostly Asian menu. I'll let the curry paste, lemon grass, galangal, and lime leaves duke it out. ;o)

            The addition of green papaya is intriguing. Thanks for the idea. Did you add any fish sauce, BTW?

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              I didn't add any fish sauce because I was taking my wok rig to someone else's house and cooking for people that I didn't know. Some people tend to freak out at the smell!

              Sounds like you are into thai cooking, as am I. I'm growing galangal and kaffir lime in pots in the backyard. The kaffir was one of my best investments ever!

              My asian market was selling the unripe papaya - it usually goes into a salad with chilis and fish sauce. I added the julienned carrots and papaya with a minute to go. I'm trying to get carbs from vegetables, so these two ingredients provided a nice base for the stir fry, as would rice. I was very pleased.....