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Dec 17, 2004 03:26 AM

try try again! Your best chocolate mousse recipe

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I'm looking for a favorite dark or milk chocolate mousse recipe. The one that you make when you prepare your best dinner - the one for you favorite person! Thanks in advance and Happy holidays to all!

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    Simon Majumdar



    2 Large ( King Size ) Snickers Bars or four normal size ones cut into chunks
    2 bars 70% dark chocolate ( I use Green & Blacks )
    4 egg yolks
    4 egg whites ( beaten to stiff peaks )
    1/4 stick unsalted butter
    1/2 cup of single ( light ) cream
    2 tablespoons whiskey OR bourbon


    In a basin over a pan of boiling water melt the Snicker's bars thoroughly. add the dark chocolate and do the same

    When melted, remove from the heat and gently mix in the egg yolks and the butter

    Mix in the cream and the booze ( optional ) and then fold in a small amount of the beaten egg white. Once the small amount has been amalgamated properly, add in the remainder.

    Spoon into ramekins or one large bowl and cover with plastic wrap and chill for an hour

    I serve with shavings of white chocolate on top

    That'll be it then. Very rich, stroke inducing but entirely delicious


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Oh my heavens, Simon! Diet be damned, this is the first dessert recipe I'm going to make in my new kitchen next year. I thank you, my husband thanks you, and our cardiologist thanks you.

    2. I'm a classicist, and I'm not afraid of raw eggs. I use free range organic eggs from a reputable local company, and I wash the shells. From there, I take my chances. Don't serve to children or the immunosuppressed.

      4 eggs
      1 pint heavy cream
      4-5 oz bittersweet chocolate
      1/4 c sugar
      2 T rum
      1 T butter

      Melt chocolate with butter. Whip cream to soft peaks, set aside. Beat yolks with sugar (warm them first by beating over simmering water until warm, then take off the water and beat the heck out of them). Whip egg whites to soft peaks. Fold first the chocolate and rum into the egg yolks, then the whites, then the whipped cream. Chill.

      This has the sort of firm yet melting texture I look for in mousse - I don't like the really gooey ones. The proportions are pretty classic - I haven't looked it up in years, but I think Julia Child's version is close.

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      1. re: curiousbaker

        I just made this (curiousbaker's version) for my daughter's HS French Club's end-of-year party. It is the nicest chocolate mousse I have ever made - smooth, velvety, light, yet deeply rich, creamy, and satisfying. I do not ever need to try another chocolate mousse recipe. Thank you so much for this absolute classic! It is much less fussy than many other versions, but I've never had one better.

        For a high school event, I substituted espresso for the rum. I tripled the recipe and got 36 x 5-ounce plastic deli cups.

      2. Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse (from Mastering the Art of French Cooking I) is absolutely, without fail, delicious and really easy to make. Also good because you can make it a day or two ahead for a dinner party. I cut the Grand Marnier down to 2 T because I want to taste the chocolate.

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          Thanks you all so much for your input!! I'll post after the New Year to let you know how it went. Happy Holidays!!