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Dec 16, 2004 11:17 AM

vegetarian chopped liver

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i need recipes on making vegetarian chopped liver

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  1. I just don't see how it's possible. I've done a lot of substituting to make meat dished veggie but taking the liver out of chopped liver can't be done... can it?

    What is this for?


    1. Here's a link to a Jewish recipe archive. Do a search for vegetarian chopped liver and you'll come up with at least four recipes. This was a popular dish on the lower east side on New York City in years past. Ratner's Deli, now gone, used to make a wonderful version.


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        I found the wellspring - jewish-food CHOPPED LIVER archives. It contains both veggie and non veggie recipes, but what a find!


      2. I know that this is the Home Cooking board, but would it be alright to post this on the Kosher board? I would guess that most non-Jewish folks have no idea what you're asking for.

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          Yup - it's definitely a Jewish thing. My grandmother made the best one with green beans, sauteed onions and hard-boied egg - very much like the Ratner's variety.

        2. It's yummy...

          Vegetarian Chopped Liver

          canned or frozen french-style green beans
          well-browned fried onions
          hard boiled eggs
          chopped walnuts, optional
          salt and pepper to taste

          if using canned green beans, drain very well.
          if using frozen, microwave until quite soft, drain well. chop together all ingredients, using oil from fried onions to moisten as necessary. you can chop it to the texture you prefer, from chunky to smooth. use as an hors-d'ouevre, or spread on crackers.

          1. I've never made veg. chopped liver before, but I typically use mushrooms like portobello when I'm wanting a meaty flavor and texture from a veg. My educated guess is that you'd cooked down lots of mushrooms, onions, little cream, sherry, parsley maybe. Of course, add a good amt. of salt and pepper. Once it's all soft and flavors have melded, you would pulverize it with a food processor to desired degree of texture. If necessary, thin out w/ more cream or veg. broth.

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              Forgot to mention that a handful of toasted walnuts would probably be very nice as well.

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                as was mentioned in another post.
                I'm pretty sure my grandmother's version contained mushrooms (button)