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Dec 16, 2004 10:12 AM

I made the Pear Cake posted below - Now the Question!

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I made the delicious sounding Pear Cake for my department (work) staff pot luck holiday luncheon, which is today.

I peeled too many pears and ended up making pear sauce (like apple sauce)- would that be called compote? I thought about serving that on the side.

Now, my question is: Should I serve it warm, cold or at room temp?

I was thinking about going hog wild and serving it warm with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sauce.

If I do serve it warm, how long should it be reheated?
In the oven? At what temp?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. I am now craving the pear sauce served warm over ice cream...yum! I would just do it in the microwave for a minute at a time until it was nice and hot so it would melt the ice cream a little...that's a good contrast...and serve a crunchy cookie with it for texture contrast. Another thing you could do is mix it with an equal part of creme anglaise and add a bit of cardamon and serve it over warm bread pudding. Or warm it slightly and top it with a bit of granola for a super fast and nicely elegant dessert. I would serve that in a pretty glass - looks like you worked at it but it's dead easy.

    1. Pears go well with chocolate too. And pork chops!

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        Also with chicken, in a thick stew with green chilies. Served with white rice.

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          Seriously? Can you give me your recipe? Sounds intriguingly sweet n spicy...

      2. So sorry! I worded the question incorrectly. What I was TRYING to ask is:

        Should I serve the CAKE warm, cold or at room temp.

        If I reheat the cake, microwave or oven?

        If oven, what temp and how long?
        Cover with foil?

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          I was wondering this too -- I was planning to make it for a brunch this weekend. Additional question: eat it right out of the oven, or prepare the night before?

        2. HIGHLY recommend it warm with caramel ice cream (which is how we had it the other night). The similar New York Times Marion Plum Torte recipe that someone linked to said that reheating should be done at 300f. I'd start checking it after 5 min.