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Dec 16, 2004 08:23 AM

Coffee Makers?

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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a coffee maker that they love?

I'm looking for one with a stainless steel carafe as a X-Mas present, but am open to anything. I don't care about bells and whistles, I just want a good cup of coffee

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  1. I know this is a diversion from the question but if you really want a good cup of coffee you should buy a coffee grinder. Grinding your beans right before you brew is a great way to improve the quality... a lot!


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    1. re: ChefElias

      Excellent point. To go a step further, the "grinder" should never have a blade.

      Santa brought the burr mill last year.

      1. re: JoeM

        Is the burr mill noisy - or let me rephrase that - any noisier than the typical blade mill? I just ordered one.

        Also, Wine Spectator had a great article on coffee and coffee makers in early summer. Good information on the coffee makers. You want a 1200-watt or higher so the water heats well enough to extract all that great flavor. Capresso was a favored brand

        1. re: desert rat

          Noisier? Not really. They tend to be a little more messy. Definately worth the mess though.

      2. re: ChefElias

        a grinder...and a french press. that's the 1-2 coffee punch.

      3. I love my Krups CRYSTAL AROME PLUS TIME 467 (doesn't have a stainless steele carafe, however) Makes a great cup of coffee. Includes a water filter and timer. I bought mine for roughly $60.

        1. What ever you do do, Do NOT buy the Cuisinart Grind and Brew. It does have a stainless carafe, and yes the coffee stays warm for hours with no electricity (a coffee warmer is equivalent to 10 100-watt light bulbs). However, it is a MESS to clean, as water from the brewing process condenses in the grinder part. You have to clean thoroughly after each batch or two (which sucks in the morning). There are five individual parts to clean. Also, it doesn't make a strong cup of coffee, so I have to let it steep for a minute before putting the carafe back in.

          And the carafe doesn't pour correctly. It seems like a lot of coffee pots drip down the side and on the counter while pouring. There's something specifically wrong with mine, and I have to take the top completely off to pour it. If I hadn't paid $150, I would have thrown it out the back door by now.

          Whew - sorry, I just got through wrasslin with it. I forgot to put the carafe back in while steeping and I ended up with coffee and grounds all over. And my half and half separated. The day can only get better!

          PS - FOR SALE, one slightly verbally abused cuisinart grind and brew. No reasonable offer refused.

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          1. re: rudeboy

            We had one of those also. I couldn't part with it though after I had spent $$ on it, so used it until I accidentally dropped a piece of the insides and broke it:) Good excuse to buy a new machine! Another Cuisinart...but not the grind n brew.

          2. Received the Capresso MT500 last year as a gift and absolutely love it! Has a water filter built in, stainless carafe that keeps the coffee hot a long time, and warm the whole day. Makes great coffee. Its not cheap though, I think it is around $150.

            1. The fabulous Bunn coffeemaker is in stores now with a stainless steel carafe. you can also order it from their website, along with an industrial-strength burr grinder. Makes the best coffee of any machine I've had. Also, the coffee is ready in about 30 seconds. The whole set-up is about $250, but worth it.