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Dec 15, 2004 08:16 PM

Has anyone ever used the Shun Knives from Japan? r/o

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I was looking at them in Williams Sonoma and was comparing to Wustohf.

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  1. Way better. Love mine.

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      In last Wednesday's Food edition of the LA Times, Russ Parsons did a test drive of several leading brads of Japanese knives. You can find the story on the LA Times' website, but you may have to register to get the article (it's free).

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      1. re: farmersdaughter

        The article is definitely worth tracking down if you have an interest in understanding what all the hype is about re Japanese knives. It's a very thorough and coherent piece of research by Mr. Parsons.

        As part of his research, he did a test on santokus (Masahiro, and Kyocera), and chefs knives (Hattori)*1, Suisin, Misono, and KAI Shun).

        *1 Hattori is the same as Ryusen. Ryusen makes this particular line of Damascus knives for the Hattori and Ittosai Kotetsu brands.

      2. Having both some old Henckels and a small collection of Japanese knives, I can echo what was reported in the LA Times article, the German knives are heavier and thicker while the Japanese knives are thinner, lighter and generally sharper. I seem to unconsciously make a more regular, finer dice with the Japanese knives, but if you've been using heavier Western style knives for a while getting used to the lighter blades could be a challenge. You can make far thinner slices, faster with a good Japanese blade. If you live in NYC I guess there is a store called Korin that has plenty of demonstration knives. If you do not live in area with a good knife store, you're like me and will just have to take the plunge. But I would recommend shopping first. They have both traditional single bevel knives as well as double bevel knives in both Western and Japanese styles.

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          I've had positive experiences with both Korin and Japan Woodworker, but lately I've been geting my Japanese knives directly from Japan because it's just a lot cheaper.

          (See link below for an example.)


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            I have the 3" Par 6" Util and 8" chef as well as the Santoku that is beveled... I was Floored at how light the knives are in comparison to my hinkles. I was also shock at the beautiful 32 folded look of the knives.

            The edge was incredibly sharp as a whole. It slips through just about anything on a whim. The only thing I had to learn a bit diff in the usage was the sharpening. It is done on a ceramic steel. At a slightly different angle.

            In the 5 months of use I have touched them up once. And had to sharpen the the util knive a bit more. The edge is GREAT as I said. The weight it awsome and light. So the fatigue factor is a LOT LESS...

            I am currently looking for the SHUN Classic 22 ish piece set to buy. Yes it is around 1400.00 all tole but I want them over my Pro Hinkles...

          2. The LA Times article is still available, so read it while you can.