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Dec 15, 2004 02:19 PM

Quick meals after work outs

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Hello! Ok, so I work out after work 3-4 times a week. Because of that, I don't get home until 8 at the earliest. I am usually hungry but am too tired to cook so I'll have a piece of cheese and a can of tuna. Lately my body has been rejecting the thought of can tuna. What I am hoping for is some easy to prepare dinner recipes that aren't fattening or heavy. Or even some snack suggestions. Or even some links to go to. I can't fathom eating another can of tuna for at least two weeks! Thanks so much ~
PS: I live alone if that makes a difference.

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  1. After my evening workouts I try to get some protein in the form of dairy into my system. I am also way too lazy to cook anything, so these are my favorite post-workout evening meals:
    - yogurt (usually plain)with a bit of granola
    - a glass of lowfat buttermilk with toast(maybe some peanut butter on the toast)
    - a yogurt-based smoothie with a whole or half banana and some frozen berries. You can add protein powder to this if you'd like.
    - cottage cheese
    - nuts to munch on are also good

    Needless to say, I try to concentrate on eating one of the above as soon as I get home; otherwise I will graze happily on anything in the kitchen for hours at night.

    1. Why don't you try making food in advance? I ususally do a lot of cooking or prepping on Sundays. Things that keep well for a whole week are soups and stews.

      Things I would have on hand are pre-washed lettuce, pre-cut veggies and already cooked chicken breast or other protein item. During the week those things can turn into a meal in less than 15 minutes.

      You can also preboil pasta and use them during the week for pasta salad or a quick hot pasta stir fry dish.

      1. Soup.
        Soup & Eggs.

        Example of the third option: Get some Swanson low sodium chicken broth and treat it as your soup base. Bring quickly to a simmer and throw in diced or frozen veggies/greens of your choice (like peas, corn, green beans, baby spinach, et cet). Add some angel hair pasta (cooks in like 2 minutes). Remove from the heat and either stir in beaten eggs in a stream or crack an egg or two directly in it to cook to your liking (basically poaching it in the soup). Season with salt, pepper, perhaps some cracked red pepper, and parsley. Top with some grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (not very fattening, and full of good stuff for you), if you like. The whole thing should take 10-15 minutes max, if that.

        If you want to get grand, instead of the pasta you could toast up slices of Italian or French bread and spoon the soup over them. That's actually what "soup" means -- it's liquid to sop up stale bread.

        1. Yep, eggs are your friend. One of my favorite quick meals was sauteeing zucchini, cracking an egg or 2 over it, putting that whole mess in a tortilla and covering with salsa.

          If you want a little more like a real dinner, but still quick, get some of those thin cut boneless pork chops (surprisingly not too many calories), salt and pepper them, throw them in a pan. They are done in a couple of minutes per side. Take them out of the pan, put in presliced mushrooms, maybe garlic/onions, then deglaze with some red wine, heat up some leftover rice from the big batch you made over the weekend, and pour the sauce over the rice and chop. Add some frozen peas nuked for 3 minutes, and you have a complete dinner. I've done this all in under 10 minutes before.

          Canned beans are your friend, too, heat them up with sauteed onions and red peppers for rice and beans. Or pasta and steamed vegetables with olive oil and garlic.

          And every once in a while, make an entire pan of lasagna or pot of chili and freeze in individual portions. You'll love yourself for it later when you get to eat it.

          1. Prosciutto and Fontina sandwich

            This will require some advanced shopping but all of these things you can get and keep in the fridge for a little while and they won't go bad.

            You will need about 2 thin slices of Prosciutto per sandwich. A loaf of unsliced, good, day old bread, such as Acme sourdough batard, or whatever you have local that's available to you. A bunch of arugula or spinach. Fontina cheese or provolone (fontina is tastier). A clove of garlic. Some EV olive oil, salt, and fresh ground pepper.

            Slice two 1" slices of bread and put under broiler in oven or toaster oven. When browned, take out and rub the top with garlic, then drizzle olive oil over and salt and pepper. Take one slice and lay slices of cheese on and put back under the broiler to melt. Take out and lay on proscuitto, then some arugula, and then the other slice. Press down on the sandwich with your hand then slice in half.

            Eat. Good healthy meal, with all of your nutrition and not too fattening, but luxurious.

            Buon Appetito!