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Dec 15, 2004 11:02 AM

Pasta w/smoked salmon & cream sauce

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I'd like to make a fresh (store-bought) pasta, maybe fettucine or pappardelle, with smoked salmon and a light cream sauce, maybe w/ fresh dill or capers. I haven't been able to find anything in my cookbooks or online that matches up. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? I'd wing it, but I'm concerned about the gloppy factor from the cream sauce (it's for company)



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  1. Epicurious has a good looking one titled PASTA WITH SMOKED SALMON AND CAPERS. It looks good and easy. From Cook Something by Mitchell Davis Macmillan.



    1. A classic vodka sauce recipe should be good for what you've described.

      1. Here is what I do when I get lazy: slowly heat up 1 pint or so of heavy cream over low heat. Meanwhile, chop enough smoked salmon into slivers and stir into the cream. Let the whole thing heat up to a slight boil and turn off the heat. Cook the tagliatelle until done, drain, toss with the cream mixture over gentle heat until all the cream is absorbed. Top with cracked black pepper or fresh dill, and serve. Simple and delicious. You can also reserved some of the smoked salmon pieces to toss them in the last minute.

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          Leslie Brown Kessler

          Hmmm. I knew an Alexandra Halsey in boarding school (MPS'74). However, your recipe recalls one I've made with smoked salmon and asparagus. It's best in the spring as the new crop of asparagus appears, but it can be made anytime. 3-4 ounces of salmon to half a pound of washed, trimmed, slender asparagus seems to work. You might need to increase other ingredients to compensate for the addition of asparagus, but improvisation is recommended.

        2. Working at home - maybe an hour between meetings to call into. Have some leftover egg noodles in a pan from last night - no more goulasch, though. What to do? Read chowhound, of course!

          Take out a piece of frozen smoked salmon (my own, hard-smoked) put in nuker for 1 min at 30%. Put noodles in warm water.

          Thin slice scallions - drain about 2T of capers, chop a lemon in half.

          Put evoo in pan & heat up - put capers and about 1/2 of scallions. Put in heavy cream - let reduce a bit. Add pepper - no salt (salmon and capers have enough). Put in flaked salmon, drain noodles and put in, toss in pan, turn off heat, add rest of scallions and squeeze lemon.

          Plate and grate some parm reg on top.

          From start to eaten in about 20 minutes.

          What a great lunch! Thanks for the suggestion! Makes me want to work at home all the time ... ohhh - there goes my pager.