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Dec 15, 2004 10:24 AM

Question about egg noodles (dumb question, I apologize in advance)

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I bought this box of De Cecco enriched egg noodles, fettuccine shaped. They looked different than regular boxed pasta, more like fresh. Can I use them in any pasta recipe, the way I would with any boxed fettuccine? Do egg noodles taste different or have a different consistancy when cooked? The only time I've used egg noodles are when I've used Goodman's, or whatever they're called, in a noodle kugel.

Thanks in advance for answering this question, however stupid.

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  1. Use them just like dried pasta. The rich color is merely from the egg yolks, but it does not change how you cook them. That being said, dried egg pasta begs for a dairy based sauce rather than a tomato gravy.

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      Thanks so much. Dairy sauce sounds perfect.

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        >>"...dried egg pasta begs for a dairy based sauce..."

        Or a savory, stewy sauce.

      2. Pasta from the south of Italy is made from water and durum wheat (historically due to poverty), which makes a firmer pasta with a 'bite'. Pasta made with egg is more common in the north - the closer you get to france, the eggier it supposedly becomes.

        normal de cecco pasta is made without eggs. I find a big difference between the two types, both in texture and taste. Egg-enriched tends to be softer and almost buttery-eggy in taste. Make sure you don't overcook it - it will get stodgy easier than the normal type.

        If you go to EPI and google 'egg fettuccine', you'll see that certain recipes are more suited to egg noodles. For example, I use a fig pasta recipe from EPI that calls for egg noodles. Sauces that go well with a richer-tasting pasta go well with egg noodles - often meats accompany them. I don't think I'd serve a plain tomato sauce on them. I usually don't cook dairy with them, but that's personal preference - I find it *too* rich. Experiment, and see what you do and don't like. Mangia bene!

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          I checked out the fig pasta recipe. Looks delicious but I wasn't sure what to substitute for the pancetta, as we don't cook meat. Thought about vegetarian bacon but don't think it'll offer the wonderful texture and flavor of pancetta, which is probably very helpful in balancing the sweetness of the figs. I'll work on that.

          I may go for another recipe there, which is a cream sauce with green peas and snowpeas. We'll probably need an angioplasty immediately following dinner, but maybe I'll be able to lighten it a bit with some adjustments.

          Thanks to all for your responses, which were very helpful.