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Dec 15, 2004 07:02 AM

steamed lobster

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I make whole Maine lobsters every Christmas Eve (along with the other fish dishes) and was thinking to steam instead of boil. I've done it before, but sometimes it comes out better than others. I was going to try steaming it in a pan with beer, or maybe cutting into pieces first for easier consumption. Any tips would be appreciated, I'd hate to have it less than excellent!

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  1. the last time i steamed lobsters, i steamed them over beer and lemongrass. they were fabulous.

    1. Beer is good. I sometimes add some seasonings to the water but it's not vital.

      I like to cook with a little fresh seaweed too. Of course the last time I cooked them out on Cape Cod, we boiled them in sea water with seaweed.

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        Well, I live on the North Shore of Long Island, so seaweed should be no problem! Plenty of beaches around here. My guests would probably be intrigued. I also like the suggestion of lemongrass, I'm going to get some in the next week! I was hoping for something different, this could be it.....

      2. The Food Network show "Good Eats" had a very good recipe for steamed lobster. If you search on the Food Network website or on the Good Eats Fan Page, you should find it.

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          Thanks, that's great info!