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Dec 14, 2004 09:43 PM

Bacon in the Oven (with brown sugar?)

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I could swear I once saw a recipe for this. Anyone have it? Has anyone tried it?

I am actually having a brunch party and am looking for a way to cook bacon in bulk. Let me know if the oven is a good way to go...

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  1. Had it once and was not impressed. Lord knows most American bacon could use less sugar not more.

    1. It'a great way to go. But cook it on a rack over a large jelly-roll pan. Sprinkle the bacon with a little sugar and bake around 375 until crisp. Around 10-15 minutes. Sugar cooked bacon stores well too. Just heat for 15-20 seconds in your microwave on wax paper so it doesn't stick.

      1. You can cook bacon in the microwave too. This is my preferred method. Put slices side-by-side between double layers of paper towelling (on a microwave safe dish) for 5-7 minutes on high depending on your oven power and how you like your bacon. You don't have to use special microwave bacon for this. Use any kind you like. Turns out great and NO SPATTERING!!!

        1. Most commercial kitchens prepare bacon on sheet pans in ovens on parchment paper if that helps.

          1. Bacon cooked in the oven is a great method when you're dealing w/ more than one skillet can handle. I put bacon strips on a fine-wire rack on top of a jelly roll pan (ie, cookie sheet w/ rim) and bake in oven at low temp. (around 250F) til done, this maybe takes +/-15 min. For easy clean up, I usually line the pan w/ foil. Also turn the bacon over once midway during cooking.

            For those who like a little sweetness: I usually baste HALF of the strips w/ good maple syrup (think this tastes better and is less messy than brown sugar IMO) near the last few min. of cooking.