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Dec 14, 2004 01:40 PM

proscuitto - how many slices per pound

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I'm including melon and asparagus wrapped in proscuitto on my christmas eve buffet this year. Only problem is I don't know how much to buy. Could anyone give me an estimate on how many slices I would get out of say a pound? Thanks

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  1. It's hard to say, because the proscuitto ham is not a uniform cylinder, and so each slice can be of different weight. And then it also depends on it being sliced thinly. So a single slice from the wide end might be as much as an ounce, but smaller pieces towards the narrow end might be 2 or 3 to the ounce. Do you know how many pieces you want? If so, you can just order than many.

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      Exactly, Karl. I just figure out how many appetizers I'm making and order the appropriate number of slices. You should also look at the first few slices to see if they're the thickness that you want. A good deli will have no problem with this ordering and checking.

      1. re: Karl S.

        So true. How wide? how thin? how long?

        Generally, figure about 30 very thin slices in a pound. 2-1/2 " wide by 9" long. and thinner than US Farmer John cuts his bacon.

        If you buy from a butcher, just ask for the number of slices.

        If you buy in a package, you can almost always just count them (because it's often packaged like bacon and you can see it).

        How long a piece is needed to wrap each melon? each asparagus?

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          Thanks for the responses. We are trying to keep these fairly light. The buffet will made up entirely of appetizer type items, I don't have the list with me but I would say there are 12-15 different items. Anyway, we were thinking to cut the melon slices into thirds (more bite size) with a third of a slice of prosciutto per piece. The asparagus we thought we could use probably a half a proscuitto slice on each but may even be able to go a third. Opinions on these ideas? I would love to hear them. Thanks

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            Can you wrap the melon with one piece of procuitto and tie it with a sprig of chives?

            And, do you have a pedestal cake platter to serve them on?

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              Another suggestion for the proscuitto and asparagus would be to get a chuck of Parmegganio-Reggiano cheese, and use a vegetable peeler to get thin slices of cheese and include it in the bundle of asparagus and proscuitto.

        2. As the other posters wrote: buy by the slice.

          In addition, make sure your clerk seperates the slices with waxed paper or similar, and let the clerk know what you are going to use the proscuitto for (some clerks may not know you want thin).

          1. To reiterate the other posts, just figure out how many slices of melon and stalks of asparagus you want to serve and order up that many slices. Also make sure the slices are paper thin (very important) and the slices are separated on wax paper. One last point, is to get the greatest quality out of the proscuitto is pick it up as late as possible on Christmas Eve. You really want to eat proscuitto about as soon as possible after slicing it.

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              You will also need to decide whether you want parma or domestic. Parma is a little more expensive, but so worthwhile in my opinion.

              Regarding the freshness, you definitely want to eait it right away as it will dry out, especially if it is thin. Some butchers can vacuum seal it tho7ugh if you can't but it the day before.