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Dec 14, 2004 10:29 AM

does preserves good bad?

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I have a jar of apricot preserves that I opened in September. It has been in the refrig- but when I opened it today- I can not tell if the sugar has crystalized or if it is a type of mold.

any ideas?

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  1. Scrape off the stuff. You should be able to tell if its sugar or fungus. Taste to make sure its not off and then boil the preserves and refrigerate. I'd use it as part of a glaze for ribs or ham. You could also use the hot preserves to glaze fresh berries and pour over a cheesecake, or use in thumbprint cookies. Each of these methods ensures that any residual crystals are dissolved or spores are killed. (Disclosure: I've never died from eating jam where a little mold has appeared.)

    1. I would be surprised if it has gone bad.

      (Next time put your jam in the freezer--easy enough to bring to room temp when you need it, and it will last forever! +-)

      1. It is probably just crystailzed sugar. Nuke it for a minute and they will probably disappear. I've kept preserves in the cupboard for longer than that with no mold ever forming.