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Dec 14, 2004 09:32 AM

fresh ham--need side dishes

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I'm making a fresh ham for Christmas dinner and am looking for side dishes that will be good accompaniments. Some ideas I have are:

peas and pancetta
wild mushroom bread pudding (such a good recipe-can try and post tomorrow if anyone wants it)
I might try that earl grey applesauce from a recent post

I'd like to add one or two new sides...any favorites out there?

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  1. Braised red cabbage is wonderful with it. I use a Patricia Wells recipe for it that includes a bottle of red wine in it. Delicious.

    1. Would LOVE to have the wild mushroom bread pudding recipe!

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        I don't have the bread pudding recipe with me today but I will post under this same heading tomorrow.

      2. Brown some smoked bacon, keeping 2-3 tbl of fat.Oven roast(350) a couple handfulls of string beans and mushrooms (S&P) for an hour or so. Throw in some nuts the last 15 min. and toss.Finish with coarsly chopped bacon.
        God bless Cast Iron Skillets