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Dec 14, 2004 08:56 AM

Best holiday cookies to ship?

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I think I will do massive baking over the next few nights and ship cookies in lieu of other presents (I'm stumped for ideas, and usually send little things anyway). What are your best recipes and tips for cookies, brownies, etc that ship well cross country? Should I ship them in tins? Tupperware?


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  1. Biscotti travel pretty well. I don't have my recipes handy since I'm at work, but if you want them let me know and I'll email them to you.

    And if you can afford to ship Tupperware off to the rest of the country, I'll give you my address too!!!

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      Caitlin Wheeler

      I posted a recipe for pfeffernusse recently that are perfect for shipping -- very hardy and they don't really stale. I also posted a recipe for bourbon balls that have the same properties. I think the best cookies for shipping are generally compact in shape -- thin and lacy cookies don't do as well as balls and logs, and are meant to be somewhat aged. Mrs. Smith has posted many wonderful posts on her holiday boxes -- last year I think she posted on (on the General Topics Board) that was particularly useful on her packing method.

      1. Tins or those gladware or ziploc containers (they have festive holiday ones right now).

        1. Hi Sarahpet,

          If you can get good sturdy small gift boxes (too late in the game to order the wonderful cookie boxes from Williams Sonoma that I use, I fear) and line them with bubble wrap, and then put them in padded envelopes, you are good to go. Here's my method:

          Line the bottom of the box and the top of the box with a sheet of cut-to-fit bubble wrap (you can cut several of these at once. Make your template of the bottom and top of the box, and then stack several sheets of bubble wrap (or several thickness of a roll) and cut them at once. To line, put a couple of pieces of double-stick tape on the bottom and inside-top of the box. Then press the bubble wrap on. You can line the sides if you want but I usually don't.

          I then usually put a sheet of foil or colored paper in the bottom, but that is also optional.

          If you put this in a padded mailing envelope, your things should get there safe and sound.

          Shortbread mails well, as does fudge and caramels. Happy Holidays!