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Dec 13, 2004 10:56 PM

Capsicum Question?

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While trying to perfect my Pad Thai recipe I have finally settled on the heat. I use 4 or so Thai Bird chilis seeds and all for what I find is the perfect heat....My problem is is that it's like someone set off pepper spray in my apt for awhile once the peppers hit the hot pan.Is there something I can do to keep it out of the air without deseeding , cutting back etc...

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  1. It's so funny you should mention this. I made masaman curry last night using poblano pepper strips. I did remove all seeds and ribs - using the poblanos as you would use green pepper. When it hit the oil, we had to evacuate the kids and dog. I almost suffocated. I've never noticed this with a poblano before, although they are highly variable as far as heat goes. Strangely enough, the finished product was not too hot. Seems most of the heat is hanging in the air in my kitchen.

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      I've upset my wife and friends doing this also. I've modified a bit to do the following:
      - Get that fan going on high a few seconds before putting the peppers in the oil (of course, doesn't work if the fan doesn't truly evacuate)

      - Get the next ingredients ready (usually one is a liquid of some kind - at least in thai cooking). Even a minimal amount calms the stove heat enough to not produce the fumes as much.

      - Be prepared also to take the pan or wok off the heat source

      The biggest thing of all I found is that I was just heating the pan too much - it doesn't need to be hot enough to produce the fumes. Therefore, the last suggestion really is the best. I still heat that thing up pretty well, then throw in the peppers, but then modify quickly and let them tell me what the right heat should be.

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        King of Northern Blvd.

        i kind of thought the pan might be too hot. Unfortunately my fan doesn't fully evacuate. I guess I'll have to cough and bear it......