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Dec 13, 2004 06:37 PM

Mario Batali "Holiday Food" Recipes?

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Does anyone have a favorite recipe from this cookbook? Last year on christmas eve we made the grilled lobster (yum!) but would like to try something new this year? Anyone have any favorites??

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  1. I braved the FTV channel to watch the Mario/Giada xmas special. While it was largely focused on sweets, they did manage to visit a family who made the traditional seven-fish meal. I don't own his holiday book but can't imagine there isn't some mention of that tradition in it.

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      Link below: scroll down the right side of listings to "Holiday Feasts" then click on "Christmas Eve" then to dinner of the 7 fishes description, some recipes follow. This site is rich with Sicilian heritage food recipes, the home page can direct you to other Italian regional food recipes.


    2. Watched the Food Network TV special on Italian Holiday foods with Mario and Giada. Unable to locate any of the recipes or the show on their website. Does anyone have a link for some of the recipes? Tried the Sicilian link mentioned here, but doesn't have the recipes from the show. THANKS!! Season's Greetings!

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        The recipes from An Italian Christmas with Mario & Giada are here: