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Dec 13, 2004 04:16 PM

Desserts That Have killed Better Men Than Me

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A friend checked a new cookbook out of the library recently and was raving about the Earl Grey Applesauce in it. The book is a nice little volume with many interesting desserts in it. It is called "Desserts that Have Killed Better Men Than Me" by Jeremy Jackson. I checked it out yesterday and was quite taken with several recipes. Tonight I am making Star Anise Pudding from it. It is in the oven at this minute. The base was delicious I am anxious to taste the final product and will report back. For the carb counters, of which I am one, I found that after scalding the cream and milk and steeping the crushed star anise in it, 2 Tbs. of Splenda was a good substitute for the 1/2 C. of sugar called for in the recipe.

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  1. Care to paraphrase or give a general idea of the Earl Grey Applesauce recipe? I'm intrigued (love to make spiced applesauce and love Earl Grey tea).

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      Steeo an Earl Grey teabag in about 1/3 C. boiing water roughly 10 minutes. Core, peel and cut up 4 apples. Combine the apples and tea in a saucepan and pitch the tea bag. Put into the pot with the apples and tea, 1/2 a vanilla bean with the seeds scraped into the apples, cover and simmer 10 minutes. Then add 8 prunes, pitted and chopped, some lemon zest, sugar to taste, dash of grund cloves. Cook another 20 minutes. Mash apples to consistency you prefer and stir in a bit of fresh lemon juice.

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        Thanks! Sounds good will have to try it.

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      I also checked the book out of the library and made the little chocolate cakes with chocolate oozing from them that are featured on the cover. They came out perfect, just as pictured. Family loved them. I returned the book...too dangerous to keep around here!

      1. The Star Anise Puddings were quite nice. I think the next time I would treat them like a crene brulee and sprinkle on a little sugar and brown it.