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Dec 13, 2004 02:56 PM


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just bought watercress for the first time and am unsure whether to strip the leaves off the stem and use just them, or should you use some of the stem as well?

are there any fantastic uses of watercress? I've been thinking of trying a salad with pistachios and apple, or stir-frying it ... any ideas?

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  1. Stir fry it with ginger and soy sauce and maybe some mirin? You can keep the leaves on the stem.

    1. I love watercress! You can eat the stems as well. Watercress is great in salads -- use it whereever you'd use arugula. It's also really nice on sandwiches instead of lettuce, especially with egg salad -- watercress goes really nicely with all manner of egg dishes. It also makes a tasty cream soup. One of my favorite uses of it is to stir some sprigs into a bowl of ramen right at the end of cooking -- really spruces it up!

      1. Lots of watercress on buttered white bread makes for an awesome tea sandwich. It's also great as a lightly dressed salad to accompany a rich entree. I would use the stems as well as the leaves.

        1. Just cut off the very bottom of the stem. Use and eat the rest of the cress as it is.

          So many yummy things to do with watercress. My favorite is make a bed of it (raw) on a plate, squirt lemon juice on it and some salt and pepper, and then place a sizzling piece of sauted salmon on it. Divine.

          Also is a great bed for a chicken or tuna salad. Remember that squirt of lemon, though, that does the trick.