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Dec 13, 2004 01:18 PM

ideas for empty chocolate cups

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I am having a party next week and bought mini chocolate cups and I would love some ideas on with what I should fill them, if it were summer I would use berries, but I don't think they're quite so good right now. Any held would be appreciated.

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  1. - chocolate mousse
    - pastry cream
    - ice cream

    1. f

      pastry cream (maybe garnish with candied orange peel, as orange goes well with chocolate) or vanilla pudding.

      1. Chocolate mousse if always delicious. Or, for a holiday dessert, try peppermint ice cream and drizzle a fudge sauce over. Or, fill the cups with vanilla bean ice cream and top with brandied cherries. This is making me hungry...

        1. Make this! It's basically a mixture of melted milk chocolate, Nutella, and chopped hazelnuts with one roasted whole hazelnut in each up. (The recipe also has instructions for making the cups, which you can skip.)


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            Thanks, this sounds great and I can do it in advance which is very important. I was thinking something with hazelnuts would be good, my other thought was peanut butter mousse...

          2. I love using those chocolate cups for dinner parties. I've filled them with:
            -poached bananas with cinnamon & raisens
            -vanilla ice cream with a strawberry fruit sauce & fresh berries on top (I love the combo of strawberry & chocolate)
            -a peanut brittle ice cream with caramel sauce drizzled on top