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is chicken safe to cook?

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At noon, took a 7 lb fresh roaster chicken from the fridge, placed it in a freezer bag, and took to the basement to put in the freezer. In the basement, put the chicken down to do something else. At 8:30 that night, went to the basement for something else and came upon the chicken - sitting on a table. I never put it in the freezer! The basement is about 60 degrees, the chicken was still cold on the bottom - what do you think - edible or discard?

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  1. Over eight hours at 60 degrees? Please throw it away, it's sad, I know, but think of the worst alternative. Don't cook the bird!

    1. cook to 180 degrees F at the breast and the thighs and try it. any bacteria still living deserves to live according to Jacques Pepin

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        OH! do this at ONCE! otherwise throw away AT ONCE!

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          wouldn't that be one DRY bird? 180 is about 25 degrees farther than ideal...

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          With some bacteria, it's not just the living, reproducing bacteria you have to worry about. Some bacteria produce toxins that they release into the food-- the toxin is not a living thing, so it can't be killed. In fact, killing the bacteria can release even more of the toxin into the food. The toxin remains even though the food is heated to a "safe" temperature. I'd toss it...

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            Oh my...according to this theory, you could leave the chicken out for days, then cook it to 180, and it would be edible? I think not.

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              remind me never to eat at YOUR house, Julius.

            2. Discard. Don't use for soup or stock, either....

              1. Toss it. Seriously, the risk of food poisoning is so not worth they money you'd save.

                1. Imagine rushing to the bathroom, trying to decide whether to lean over the toilet or to sit on it...
                  'when in doubt, throw it out"

                  1. Throw it out. You should never defrost poultry at room temperature. Always defrost poultry in the fridge(which may take a couple of days) or in a pot of cold running water in the sink(much faster).

                    1. OK, that's what I thought - I knew in my heart I'd never eat it. (It was not frozen to begin with so no defrosting took place. It just sat in the 60 degree basement for 8 hours.) It will go out in Saturday's trash. Thanks all.

                      1. Dear MPD:

                        I am writing to you from my hospital bed...Food poisoning...bad chicken. Just kidding. Isn't it aggrivating when you forget and leave stuff out!

                        Hey, I hope you never have food poisoning. I had it once and I've never forgotten it. So, when in doubt, I always throw the food out. Can you believe I got mine from rancid butter. You actually want to be dead!

                        1. How much did that chicken cost? How much is your life worth? Throw in the value of the lives of anyone else you might have served that chicken to.