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Dec 13, 2004 12:05 PM

has anyone made nigella's chocolate guinness cake...?

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if so, was it good?

REALLY good?

and in general, does anyone have a recipe for a chocolate-and-beer cake that is birthday dinner-party worthy?

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  1. I don't bake, but I just went to a birthday dinner on Saturday where a guinness chocolate cake was served, substituting oatmeal stout for the Guinness.

    It was really quite amazing - all conversation at the table literally ceased as we each took our first bite of the cake.

    I'll try to get the recipe for you.

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    1. re: Fatemeh
      miss kensington

      that would be great - thanks!

    2. Yes, it's good! Even without the icing. And it takes five minutes to throw together.

      1. I use the Chocolate Stout recipe from Epicurious. It's fantastic and simple. Two notes: 1) it's a huge recipe and can make two small or one really, really big cake, 2) If you want to buy the 12 oz. bottle of stout, you can make up with difference with a bit of coffee. Works just fine.

        Made it once for kids with chocolate chips in it and chocolate buttercream, and that was great. Have frequently made it with white buttercream and raspberries, which goes over well. Whipped cream or ganache are also good. And I made a coffee caramel buttercream that complemented it perfectly. You really can't go wrong.

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        1. re: curiousbaker

          This recipe is totally amazing and beautiful and towering and birthday-party worthy. I think the bittersweet-chocolate-and-cream-only frosting was important to the overall result.

        2. c
          Caitlin Wheeler

          Haven't made the Chocolate Guinness cake, but the Chocolate Gingerbread from the same book is WONDERFUL. Wonder if you could take the Gramercy Tavern Guiness Ginger Cake recipe, replace a few Tablespoons of the flour with cocoa powder, add chocolate chips and top with a chocolate glaze?

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          1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

            Can you post the Grammercy Tavern cake recipe?

            1. re: Keri T.
              Caitlin Wheeler

              Here's a link. I imagine it would be quite good chocolified. I honestly think chocolate gingerbread is SUCH a good idea I'm shocked it's not everywhere.


              1. re: Caitlin Wheeler

                Thanks! I think I'll make it this week.

                1. re: Keri T.

                  I have made the gingerbread recipe and I think the addition of cocoa powder would be very nice.

              2. re: Keri T.

                I made it over the holidays and it is quite good (although I would use half and half Natural and Black Cocoa for an even "darker" tast next time). The problem I had is that it is very heavy and sank in the middle. I'm sure this could be remedied by baking in a bundt pan, but then you wouldn't have the "pint of stout" effect. I remedied it by evening out the top with the cream cheese frosting, but then I had a big glob of frosting in the center. Not altogether a bad thing, but I would still like a nice flat top!

                1. re: Keri T.

                  Yes and it was dead easy and absolutely delicious but I have lost the recipe, has anyone else got it?

                  1. re: Anne Eccott

                    A recipe for Chocolate Guinness Cake appeared in the New York Times food section on December 8, 2004. You might try to access the site. You have to register, but it is free.

              3. Yes... FANTASTIC