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Dec 13, 2004 11:00 AM

Leite's Culinaria: a website too good to not share!

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Hope it's kosher to start a thread about one particular culinary website. Thanks to a recent query about molten chocolate cake, I cyber-stumbled into the linked site. I assume that some of you may already be in the know about this, but I had never heard of it before.

I haven't been excited about a site like this in a while, well, probably since I discovered CH several mos. back. Posting this on the HC board b/c the recipe section that I've linked is a gold mine. These aren't everyday recipes, but ones that seem so appropriate for entertaining, which is happening a lot these days!

Love the recipes from cookbooks since I can't afford to go out there and buy all of them. What a great sampler and a way to test recipes from a book before buying. Photos are beautiful and non-recipe related stuff is great too.

For those of you w/ extra time on your hands (hehe), you can even sign up to be an official "recipe tester." Sounds like a great way to give back to the site and be part of a cyber cooking club.

Hope some of you can benefit from my great find!


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    Judith Gorman

    Thank you for posting this website. I love it!

    1. Yes, a great find. I've already picked out the first thing I'll make. Thanks!

      1. p
        peppermint pate

        I love the way this site is set up. Lots of inspiration for new recipes to make in the coming weeks. I feel like I just bought a new cookbook. Thanks for the link.

        1. Dear Carb Lover,

          I don't know what to say. Wow! Thank you for the kind words about my site. It's nice to know that it has an impact on readers. If you ever have a suggestion that can make the site better, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

          All best,

          David Leite


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          1. re: David Leite

            David, didn't even stop to think that you might be a fellow hound. Makes sense though...

            You're very welcome. I found your site when I searched for Jean-Georges' chocolate cake recipe. When I had time to surf around, I got really excited about my discovery and thought it had to be shared on CH (I can assure everyone that I'm getting no kickbacks beyond my enjoyment of the site).

            I love how the site is organized--it seems to fit w/ my own head, I guess. The content is so rich and interesting. These days, I just use recipes for inspiration, so it's great to come to a place that has a recipe collection from big-name chefs and respected sources. Really like the Portuguese recipes too. The food writing feeds my scholarly side, and the beautiful photos nourish the artist in me...

            I'm just a regular ole gal who has no professional ties to the culinary world (although I enjoy dreaming about it on those days when my chosen field is more mundane/frustrating). I've been seriously cooking at home for the past 10 yrs. and enjoy the experience of eating out...being welcomed into another's home.

            Thank you for creating the site and giving a food-obsessed person like me such a cyber haven and resource. The site really resonates with me (and apparently w/ other hounds too). I'll be sure to email you w/ any comments.

            Carb Lover (aka Tran Doan)

            1. re: David Leite
              Caitlin McGrath

              David, I first read your "tale of two dinners" essay in Bon Appetit last year, and greatly enjoyed it. The accompanying recipe has led me to contemplate cooking a goose for Christmas this year. It'll be my first goose cooking attempt (I'm confident, though!), and my first roast goose since I moved cross-country and stopped having Christmas dinner with my mom.

              1. re: Caitlin McGrath


                I hope you did attempt the goose recipe. I made it again, after not having even glanced at it since last Christmas, and I forgot how easy it is to prepare. The most important thing to remember is get the fat out! You need to remove as much of it, first by pulling it out by hand when the goose is uncooked, then by skimming it off the top of the liquid in the pan. The result is the skin is very crispy while the meat is juicy.

                All best,

                David Leite


              2. re: David Leite

                I'm planning to make your Spaghetti Ala Carbonara tonite. No cream right? Just wanna verify the recipe on your site is correct;-)(Very nice site!)

                1. re: Eggy

                  I didn't see the carbonara recipe - where was/is it?

                  1. re: Sarah

                    See link for the recipe. I found it quickly using the "search" link on the site. It looks yummy...