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Dec 13, 2004 08:21 AM

what to serve with two lemon chicken?

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I am making Marcella Hazan's two lemon chicken tomorrow night for guests. What should I serve with it?

I have whole wheat cous cous- but am open to ALL suggestions!


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  1. The chicken is so simple and flavorful, I'd keep the accompaniments also simple: roasted potatoes (you could cook them in the roasting pan with the chicken) and a salad of very flavorful greens, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, or fresh steamed green beans, dressed likewise.

    1. There can be no better tasting rice on earth than basmati drenched in the juices of Marcella's 2-lemon chicken. And I agree with Buttercup--keep it very simple, whatever you do.

      1. For the starch, I would normally just make roasted potatoes for an everyday supper. However, for guests I would "kick it up a notch" with roasted root vegetables. The linked recipe is from another Italian-cooking maven, Lidia Bastianich.

        Since there's more goin' on w/ this side dish, then prior to this I might serve a simple salad dressed w/ lemon juice, olive oil, cracked pepper, and shaved parmesan.

        For dessert, something interesting like what I saw Mario Batali make on Martha's show once: slabs of ricotta salata encrusted w/ pine nuts and sauteed in brown butter, drizzled w/ honey. I NEED to try this sometime! Search at

        How can you do wrong w/ Marcella, Lidia, and Mario backing you up?


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          For the green, instead of a salad, why not do chard or escarole. Here's a great escarole recipe that I have done before. I add a pinch of red pepper flakes when doing the garlic and also add a handful of currants or raisins along with the pine nuts. I like the combination of bitter greens, with plump juicy currants to offset the bitterness and crunchy toased pine nuts for contrast. You can make the escarole ahead and serve it at room temperature or just slightly warm, drizzled with some really good extra virgin olive oil. It will go great with the chicken!


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            That sounds delicious. I have wondered how to prepare escarole (other than in soup)--now I know and will try it.

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            This is probably rude to guests, but I usually eat the chicken as I'm carving it, with no sides. ;-)