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Dec 12, 2004 03:49 PM

Vegetarian Christmas Eve

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I'm making a vegetarian dinner for four. I'm leaning towards something French-inspired. Perhaps white bean soup, pissaldaire, and salad and cheese. I've never made a bean soup without some sort of meat and I'm wondering if anyone has any good recipes. I'm also open to other menu suggestions. I'd like it to be non-ethinic and somewhat elegant.


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  1. Your menu seems a bit spare for a holiday meal. There are some more elaborate menus on the BBC food site. If you do go for the white bean soup, try adding the rind from a piece of parmesan cheese to the broth to compensate for the lack of meat and a small strip of lemon rind for a bit of "brightness." Have a lovely time.


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      Here is a site with tons of veggie Christmas recipes. The "Galette of Potatoes and Exotic Mushrooms" sounds wonderful and I may have to make it for my own Christmas feast this year.


      1. A veg. bean soup from Provence is called "soupe au pistou." It's made w/ white beans, pasta, lots of veg. and is garnished w/ pistou, a pesto-like condiment. This soup is kind of like the French version of minestrone. I've linked a recipe from to give you an idea, but I would try to find a recipe from Patricia Wells or Jacques Pepin.

        Your menu sounds good, but if I were to make this for a holiday gathering, would add a couple of more items. The pissaladiere is more like an app. to me, so perhaps make a light main to follow. How about a roasted veg. terrine or eggplant rolls? For a simple dessert, you can serve French vanilla ice cream w/ caramelized apples or bananas. For fancier, then I'm a big fan of tart tatin.


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          Thanks everyone for the replies. I was planning on filling the menu in a bit but I hadn't decided with what. The Pistou soup sounds exactly like what I was looking for. I'm still leaning towards making some kind of tart as a main course but also serving some hearty h'ors devours.

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            Since I wouldn't rec the recipe from (only included to give you an idea), found a recipe on that sounds good. Thanks to your inquiry, I'm contemplating making this soon!


        2. I've recommended the recipe linked below on this board before for others who have sought advice on festive vegetarian entrees -- it's a Root Vegetable Cobbler with Chive Biscuit Topping. Made in individual ramekins, it provides a nice presentation, even though at heart it's really a variant of a pot pie. My vegetarian friends *really* like this dish, and appreciate an entree that is not just a meatless pasta or the like.

          The flavor (and content -- yum, cream!) would match well with a french theme -- herbs are thyme and chives.

          On the soup question, vegetarian bean soups can be very tasty -- you don't need that smokey meat flavor for them to be good. You need to make sure you include garlic, onion, and herbs and don't shy away from the salt.


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            Aimee - NOT OP

            Gormet magazine Oct/04 issue: Wild Mushroom Tart is excellent - if your guests will eat eggs.

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              Thanks - I'll check that out. They do eat eggs and cheese.

              I've noticed that you've been posting over the last few months. It's rare to find another aimee! We should probably do something to differentiate ourselves although I tend to lurk more than I actually post!

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                Agreed - I will post under AimeeP you can keep Aimee.

                Good luck with your dinner.