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Dec 12, 2004 01:56 PM

"Kinder Gentler Potato Latkes"

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I tried this recipe and it's wonderful! My brother and I parboiled and grated the potatoes hours in advance. There was no excess liquid, no yucky brown potatoes, and best of all, there was batter left over for tonight. Now, if I could somehow keep my house from smelling lke oil and onions....

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  1. Did you intend to post the recipe? I would be interested in seeing it.

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    1. re: Chow Chow
      Marion Morgenthal

      I've been using this recipe for several years, with good results. See link to the recipe in my earlier post.

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    2. The answer is to cook the latkes in an electric skillet outside on a card table. Its a new, favorite, family tradition.