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Dec 12, 2004 12:03 PM

counter-top deep fryers

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My wish list for the kitchen includes a deep-fryer, and I’m assuming that no one’s getting me something from Gaggenau for the holidays...

What experiences have you had with counter-top fryers for the home? Capacity and easy clean up are the only things I can think of to consider. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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  1. Last Christmas I bought my husband the DeLonghi stainless steel deep fryer (3-lb) capacity. He has used it about 10 times and it works quite well for our needs (2-4 people). Easy clean up becuase the whole thing comes apart and all but the heating element can go into the sink/dishwasher. About $100 from - just saw the same thing for $40 at Sam's Club

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      Alton Brown seems to have an opinion on everything. He loves the DeLonghi. Says it has a very accurate thermostat and is "close to professional."

      1. re: Aimee

        I agree. Works great.

      2. I like my Waring Pro. It allows you to get up to 375F, instead of the 360F max on some others. Large capacity, easy to clean.

        1. I have the Waring Pro and like it very much. It's quite easy to clean (the removable oil container is dishwasher-safe) and gets to frying temp very quickly.

          1. Thanks, all. I think the Waring Pro is a "nose" ahead on this one, although, Aimee, $40 for the DeLonghi is a hard one to turn down. Happy holidays to you, and thanks again for the counsel.