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Dec 12, 2004 11:54 AM

Herbs instead of Lettuce for sandwiches, wow!

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Never really realized how good fresh herbs are on a sandwich until I made one today: some leftover pork tenderloin, tomato, splash of dijon and mayo, salt, and a small handful of ripped coriander leaves. The herbs just gave the sandwich a great punch of freshness. Anyone have similar revelations, or is there something wrong with my tongue?

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  1. I used to grow basil in the garden, I made sandwiches for a tailgate party. Most people noticed the difference, looked inside the sandwich and commented.

    The Vietnamese style restaurants in my area, use herbs in their sandwiches, as well as "non-deli vegetables", makes for a nice taste and texture change (from a deli sandwich).

    I got the same response when I put torn fresh mint leaves in fruit salad on another occasion with some of the same people.

    1. I've been putting fresh flat leaf parsley in my tuna sandwiches for a long time now...I used to chop it up and put it in the salad but now just pack the sandwich with it...I love it! Will try your cilantro & pork combo sometime! I have had basil leaves in wrap-type sandwiches also from Fresh Market various other places.

      1. breaded chicken cutlet + some mayo and sriracha hot sauce + cilantro "instead of lettuce" + some toasted crusty bread = heaven

        1. Basil leaves in tomato ^ fresh mozzarella sandwich.

          1. we've got a little croque monsieur sandwich maker (presses your sandwich into a cute little seashell shape) and have had success with yellow tomato, gruyere and watercress. The flavors were subtle enough that you could pick up the peppery-ness of the watercress nicely.