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Herbs instead of Lettuce for sandwiches, wow!

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Never really realized how good fresh herbs are on a sandwich until I made one today: some leftover pork tenderloin, tomato, splash of dijon and mayo, salt, and a small handful of ripped coriander leaves. The herbs just gave the sandwich a great punch of freshness. Anyone have similar revelations, or is there something wrong with my tongue?

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  1. I used to grow basil in the garden, I made sandwiches for a tailgate party. Most people noticed the difference, looked inside the sandwich and commented.

    The Vietnamese style restaurants in my area, use herbs in their sandwiches, as well as "non-deli vegetables", makes for a nice taste and texture change (from a deli sandwich).

    I got the same response when I put torn fresh mint leaves in fruit salad on another occasion with some of the same people.

    1. I've been putting fresh flat leaf parsley in my tuna sandwiches for a long time now...I used to chop it up and put it in the salad but now just pack the sandwich with it...I love it! Will try your cilantro & pork combo sometime! I have had basil leaves in wrap-type sandwiches also from Fresh Market various other places.

      1. breaded chicken cutlet + some mayo and sriracha hot sauce + cilantro "instead of lettuce" + some toasted crusty bread = heaven

        1. Basil leaves in tomato ^ fresh mozzarella sandwich.

          1. we've got a little croque monsieur sandwich maker (presses your sandwich into a cute little seashell shape) and have had success with yellow tomato, gruyere and watercress. The flavors were subtle enough that you could pick up the peppery-ness of the watercress nicely.

            1. Finally! I've always detested lettuce in my sandwiches. I would always try to order my sandwiches without lettuce. If it came with lettuce, I would remove it. That is the same for burgers. All a burger needs is a slice of nice ripe tomato, ketchup and a slice of onion. Lettuce dilutes the flavor of the sandwich fillings. And I also do sometimes add parsley in my tuna sandwiches as well.

              1. Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches are great with cilantro and mint.

                1. Cucumber instead of tomato (though you can also do both).

                  Also instead of lettuce - alfalfa sprouts. I had a roommate in college that got me to eat these great fried tofu sandwiches with tomato and alfalfa sprouts. That's the first place for me on the sprouts.

                  1. A friend of mine tells me that when she had an herb garden, she used to go there with some buttered bread and heap on herbs and make herb sandwiches. Just bread, butter and herbs.

                    1. =Fresh basil leaves with turkey sandwiches
                      =Fresh cilantro chopped into tuna sandwiches
                      =Fresh chopped parsley, chopped tomato, diced garlic, balsamic vinegar as a salad topper
                      = a variation, fresh cranberries/chopped apples/walnuts on a turkey sandwich