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Dec 11, 2004 06:38 PM

Virgina Ham search

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We would like to know where to buy the best organic Virgina Ham in the country, any leads, internet or otherwise would be appreciated.

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  1. Well, it's not from Virginia, but this Kentucky ham maker gets many accolades from ham mavens, and it offers an organic version:


    1. Not sure if they are organic, but they are definitely excellent...


      1. This is where I get mine. They have some great specials during the year, not before holidays, of course. I recommend the Williamsburg Country ham, boneless and cooked. Milder than Smithfield. Keep in mind, it is a LOT of ham and will last months. You might want to try the 8 oz packets, to see whether you like it.


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          Their products are great, but I don't believe they are organically produced -- at least I don't recall them ever touting that, and that is what the OP is looking for.

          1. re: Karl S.

            I'm not sure I know what "organically produced" means in all contexts. Perhaps, like Humpty Dumpty, it means whatever you want it to mean...neither more nor less. My cousin had a pig farm near Smithfield many years ago, and I don't think feeding habits have changed much. Pigs are, after all, pigs. One could phone them and find out if they are organic. It is possible that pig slop might lose its "organicness" at some point.

        2. Also not virginia, but pretty much the same thing