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Dec 11, 2004 04:42 PM

Galley Girl's pear cake

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Too eager to try Galley Girl's pear cake (Best Recipes of the Year thread below)to wait for pears to be back in season. Rather than experimenting blindly for guests tommmorow, though, thought I'd asked if anyone thought the recipe would work with the jarred pears in white grape juice carried by Trader Joe's. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. When you put them in, I found it best to not stash a lot of them into the very center. The 8" pan allows for a good concentric arrangement.

    1. How about dried pears, reconstituted by poaching in wine (something sweet, like spatlese or auslese)?

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        Roanna/Eileen H. Kramer

        Does the recipe prohibit the use of bosc pears? These are still sort of in season given that they are a storage pear (often called winter pears). Why not get decent bosc pears? Now my local Publix has good bosc pears but they are nearly always green. Five to seven days in a bowl on the dining room table turn them ripe. They say pears ripen faster in a paper bag, but I like to display my fruit in the ripening bowl.

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          Or, there are red pears, too.

          Maybe a friend in California will mail you some.

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            Whichever pears are the closest to being ripe are the right pears...;)


          2. Can that recipe be found online? If so, where?

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              Caitlin McGrath

              See the thread above ("ISO Galleygirl's pear cake recipe").