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Dec 11, 2004 02:56 PM

menu query - too heavy?

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I'm having some friends over for dinner next weekend and I'm concerned that the food is too heavy. What do you think? Any suggestions for substitutions? And I feel like I'm missing something in the middle part of the meal (another veg?). Thanks for your input!

Red pepper - feta dip
pita chips

Roasted pork loin with spiced pears
Wild rice with cherries
Butter lettuce salad w/candied walnuts, goat cheese and apples

ice cream
homemade coffee-caramel sauce or chocolate almond sauce

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  1. This doesn't sound too heavy at all, but why not try roasting some carrots alongside? I made something out of the Barefoot Contessa recently, very simple... just toss carrots with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, roast at 400 for 20 minutes and then toss with some chopped parsley. Light, simple and very good. To save time, you can use baby carrots, otherwise, chop them up into smaller pieces.

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      I just did something very similar with fresh orange beet slices, mushrooms, and carrots tossed in a concoction like that, except adding garlic, parmesean, and herbs. Everyone loved the beets, as they had never had them this way - only those terrible red beets in a can. Since they had never had them, it seemed quite exotic......

    2. Maybe some quickly butter sauteed french cut green beans or haricots vert? The frozen one at Trader Joes are very good

      1. It doesn't sound too heavy, and each separate thing sounds great. I do think the main course sounds a little too cluttered, though, if you know what I mean, even if you're serving the salad after. If you can simplify at least one of the three dishes in that course (the rice would seem the best candidate to me), there will be a clearer focus and more enjoyment.

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          I concur with the cluttered thought... I feel like the pears, cherries, and apples will all get lost and be unappreciated. They will compete unfairly, so I agree with some simplification or substitution of ingredients.

        2. j
          Jane Hathaway

          I think it sounds perfect.

          1. Not too heavy, but I think needs more savory. I agree with the posters to roast the carrots as a veg. You've got two fruit additions to the mains--I'd either drop the pears with the pork loin or the cherries in the wildrice and (in the case of rice) add lightly sauteed green onions--a little more piquante. I'd also lose the candied walnuts and goat cheese in the salad, you've got caramlized/nutty flavor at dessert and lots of protein already. Add a citrus or savory (maybe garlicky croutons or crunchy peppers?) to the salad to brighten. (Can you tell I'm more a savory than sweet person? :)