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Dec 10, 2004 06:54 PM

Is this blender worth $5?

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I received a Black and Decker ProBlend 450 for Christmas last year. First, after very little use, the collar at the bottom cracked, which Black and Decker cheerfully replaced. Now the whole thing has had a meltdown; it is spitting out melted gray plastic and the blade is siezed. They are offering (again cheerfully) to send me another new unit for $5 shipping. After seeing the reviews on Amazon, I am thinking it might be better to just save the five bucks and put it towards the purchase of a Black and Decker BL600B. I have no particular preference for that brand, just saw a lot of good customer reviews about the BL600. Does anyone have one of these? Would you recommend it? If not, any other suggestions? We use a blender infrequently and generally for pureeing things.


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  1. Personally, I would tell B&D that given the track record of my current blender, I want a free upgrade to the better one. Usually if you are reasonable and polite and making a reasonable request, any supervisor can authorize that for you. I would make it clear to them that in order to keep you as a happy customer, you are willing to accept the upgrade as amends for a product that clearly has a manufacturing defect, because B&D is a reliable company etc (shovel a little bull), otherwise a full refund is in order and you will use that refund to purchase another brand. It almost always works if yoy are reasonable, polite and stress that you know the company to be reliable and all that, you think they just had a bad run off the line blah blah blah. Believe me, I give away hundreds of dollars of HP Printers to people with the same type of complaints. As long as you are reasonable and not asking for something impossible, I am pretty willing to work with you, and I am sure that B&D would do the same.

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      Thanks! I hadn't even considered asking for the upgrade. That is what I'll do!