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Dec 10, 2004 11:03 AM

Stuffed Turkey Breast

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I have been long making a simple stuffed turkey breast. I get a boneless, skinless breast and lay down a layer of sage leaves, then panchetta. I roll it up tight and wrap it in foil and cook it in a 375 oven for 1 hour.

I have breast left over form Thanksgiving, and am bored with the same-o same-o.

Does anyone have any other ideas for stuffing?




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  1. Your turkey on your site looked yummy :)

    Some stuffing ideas to get you out of your rut:

    Maple ham, gruyere, dijon, fresh tarragon
    Chopped spinach, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes
    Sausage bread stuffing
    Cranberry sauce, swiss chard, maybe brie?

    1. I made a simple one this past spring - minced mushrooms and shallots sauteed and seasoned well with s&p and Madeira, then pureed with a little heavy cream to bind (don't let it get thin or it will ooze out). Spread the filling inside and roll and tie. Served with a pan sauce also flavored with Madeira.

      1. My butcher has a beautiful stuffed turkey breast that I'm longing to try: and outer layer of spinach or arugula, a layer of melty cheese, and then an inner layer of asparagus spears. So fresh and green...

        1. Resurrecting and old post...I have the urge to stuff and roll a turkey 1/2 breast this weekend. What stuffing combos can you think of that are more "seasonal" than cranberry. I like the sweet/fruity ideas, but can't think what is more suited to late summer/early fall.

          I have gobs of home grown apples and muscadine grapes, a few figs left...and whatever might be a the farmers market.


          p.s. any ideas for those muscadines are appreciated...not just turkey-related.

          1. My friends family ( originally from Canada) make a meat stuffing- I think it may include potatoes- that is decadent. Reminds me to try and get the recipe. I tink it would be great to make as a meat pie, rather than a stuffing. But I do remember it is really good. If I can get the recipe I will post it- though I am sure there are chowhounds out there who have the recipe and may be willing to share it!