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Dec 10, 2004 08:15 AM

Rotisserie attachment for gas grill - and recipes

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Am planning on giving my husband the electric rotisserie attachment for our Char-Broil gas grill for Christmas. It is around thirty-five dollars, I believe there is one about three times that available also, but would have to be talked into whether the more expensive rotisserie attachment is better value. Anyone using either version? I'd love to have some recipes ready to go so I can present him with them and tell him to go marinate, mop or rub his chicken, lamb, pork or beef. And, does anyone have a cookbook to suggest?

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  1. I recently got an attachment and have been fairly disappointed. The one I got was in the $35 price range and recommended by a good grill store.

    I tried a chicken. The motor was not really powerful enough for the 3lb. chicken, it kind of struggled. In my opinion, the motor should be strong enough to do 3 or 4 chickens with ease - mine is not.

    Also, it takes a while to set up properly. You need to get the chicken (or whatever) properly hooked up, the motor working well and the proper string (which is very important) tied around the meat so that it not only stays on but turns efficiently. Remember, if it is lopsided/unbalanced or if a part is hanging down, it will hang up the motor and part of the meat will be burned and the other raw.

    However, I did finally get mine to work with excellent results. I recommend checking it every 10 or 15 minutes and cooking it on low heat. So while I'm frustrated, I have not yet given up. I like using spice rubs, so here is what I would suggest:

    -fresh ground pepper
    -paprika (sp?)
    -onion powder
    -garlic powder
    -red/cayanne (sp?) pepper
    -cumin powder if you like

    I also put wood chips on the grill (hickory/mesquite) and let them go as well. The meat ended up juicy, flavorful, and wonderful and worth the effort.

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      Appreciate the info. Was it a Char-Broil Grill and matching rotisserie or another brand?

    2. I have one from BBQs Galore that cost $30-35. It works OK but like the other poster mentioned, you can't just walk away and forget for very long and expect everything to always work out OK. Anyway I wouldn't spend the extra money because after a few times you probably won't really use it that much. That's my experience.

      1. Cornish hens- stuffed with apple celery carrots onion garlic. Rub your favorite spices on the bird, insert garlic and rosemary, s and p under skin. Place a drip pan under birds. (it can get messy). about 1 hour.