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Dec 9, 2004 11:06 PM

Recipe for a whipped cream Ambrosia w/out marshmellows

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Personally, I'm not a fan, but my wife loves ambrosia. I'm looking for a good recipe to make some for her. Thank you. (PS. I realize this is not a complicated dish and if its just mix whipped cream with pineapples, let me know in a nice way)Thanks

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  1. My mother always made a delectable version of ambrosia using, as fruits, canned pineapple and canned mandarin orange segments. Instead of using all whipped cream, she used a half-half combination of whipped cream and plain yogurt (much more tart and somehow richer). Her trick to make this an elegant dish was to add a goodly splash of Cointreau to the whipped cream mixture, and to serve in a crystal bowl.

    Note: she served this at many diplomatic functions and always included mini-marshmallows. This inclusion really isn't that trashy; it adds an interesting texture contrast. People always raved and there were never any leftovers.

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      I used to make a version of the same one that gus' mother did, using IMO (a low-fat non-dairy sour cream) and also added shredded coconut. It was always popular at picnics and bbq's.