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Dec 9, 2004 03:12 PM

Preserving lemon zest?

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We've got a lot of lemons. A lot. We're going to freeze the juice, but hate to waste all that great zest.

Anyone have a tried-and-true way to successfully preserve the zest without all that lovely lemon oil getting lost? Neutral oil? Freezing?

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  1. I've frozen small amounts of lemon zest, and thought the frozen zest had a fairly strong lemon flavor. I haven't done a direct comparison of frozen and fresh zest, though. Hope this helps.

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      You might put a teaspoon in each compartment of an ice-cube tray, then just cover it with a tablespoon or so of water. Then store the cubes in a plastic bag and pop them into . . . whatever when you need it.

    2. I layer grated zest with sugar in a jar - good for months kept in the fridge. The downside is that you can use it only for desserts.

      1. b
        babette feasts

        Freeze in a ziplog bag or candy.
        You should make some Moroccan style salty preserved lemons if you have a bunch.

        1. try covering the zest in salt and sugar, then perserving the whole thing under olive oil. i've had preserved lemon this way and it's fantastic with fried seafood or on salads.