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recipes needed with shelled edamame

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I bought a bag of the shelled edamame from TJs. I have heard of people tossing the edamame with pasta and I was thinking of using it with risotto. Any recipes for these or other ideas?

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  1. Definately with pasta - toss it into a Primavera or bake it in a casserole. My husband makes a terrific modified tuna noodle with more spice, no cheese and fat free cream sauce which works well with edamame. I just made a Thai noodle dish with lemongrass, lime, giger, fish sauce, chilies and veggies (including edamame) the other night.

    1. You can use edamame in recipes that used shelled peas.

      1. They can be substituted for lima beans or peas.

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          I cook up sausage in a pan and add the shelled edamame to that, heat a little more, add a few shakes of Lawry's seasoned salt. It's good with the soy sausage, too.

        2. The most common Chinese dish with shelled edamame is to stir fry with tofu skin.

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            And preserved mustard greens and garlic....

            Link: http://www.bistrodraw.com

          2. I like to throw them into my fried rice in place of peas. Other ingredients: Chinese sausage, scallions, scrambled egg, frozen corn.

            1. Food-process them with olive oil, garlic, cheese, parsley, etc. and use as a bruschetta topping or pasta sauce or stir into scrambled eggs.

              Link: http://meglioranza.com

              1. Here is a link to a recipe that I love to make with edamame. It is the recipe for Succotash Salad, and they would be good in the Coucous Salad, just sub them for the garbanzo beans. Be sure to use fresh oregano for the salads.

                Link: http://food4.epicurious.com/HyperNews...

                1. Thanks for all the suggestions - I guess I was hoping for some more japanese inspired recipes for the edamame - somthing like edamame, wasabi risotto. I would love to create a recipe for that but am not that experienced of a cook to create a recipe.

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                    Sounds like you already have created a recipe called "edamame wasabi risotto." The best recipes are self-inspired. Risotto, although it takes a bit of time, isn't incredibly difficult. Why don't you just go for it!!!!

                    Let us know what happens.

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                      Sounds like a great idea...reminds me of that thread on fusion food. Most risotto recipes are pretty standard: saute onion in butter, saute rice, add white wine, then add broth gradually while stirring, add other ingred. (shrimp, peas, whatever) during last few min., finish w/ cheese, serve immed. Just find a basic risotto recipe (maybe one w/ peas and mint) from epicurious and sub in your ingred.

                      General tips: use wasabi powder instead of paste; blanch edamame first and add during last 5 min.; use seafood or chicken broth; don't know about cheese, but a little parmesan sounds nice actually. If you want it to be a main, then add shrimp (in that case, use seafood broth). Happy creations!

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                        Caitlin McGrath

                        I like to make a salad with shelled edamame, diced red peppers, and caramelized onions, dressed with rice vinegar and a bit sesame oil. (Incidentally, I also like the same salad made with black or canellini beans, dressed with sherry vinegar and some olive oil.)