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Dec 9, 2004 09:17 AM

it stinks in here!

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i live in an apartment and whenever i cook, the whole place smells like food for days. this includes my clothes and jackets. the air vent over my stove is useless (it sucks the air up then pushes it out the top, back in to the kitchen!). i've tried candles, cracking open the door and windows, febreeze, air fresheners, and nothing really seems to work. i roasted a chicken last night, and while it was delicious, everything now smells like chicken and probably will for a few days.

i was wondering if anyone has any tricks that work for them. thanks!

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  1. Have you tried baking soda - spread out in pans around the kitchen to maximize exposed surface area? I have no idea if this would actually work but I think it's worth a try.

    1. I put a window fan in the window nearest my "kitchen" and I also use a Friedrich Air Cleaner. Works pretty well. I've also heard that putting a pot of vinegar to simmer on the range helps a lot.

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        You have my sympathies. I also suffer from a "ventilation fan" that sends the air back into the kitchen. What on earth is the thinking behind those things? Anyway, I haven't found that there's anything that completely solves the problem, but I haven't regretted my investment in two window fans, of the sort that allow you to flip a switch and make them blow in or out. I open the two windows in my kitchen, set one to blow in and one to blow out (I try to go with wind, the windows are on different walls). I freeze sometimes when cooking, but it does drag the fumes out. I also close off the rest of the apartment from the kitchen so the odor doesn't get into everything in the apartment and linger.

        1. I cannot stand the smell of frying oils and such, so what we have done at home is to get some cinnamon sticks and simmer them in water. Maybe you can find some cheap Mexican cinnamon somewhere. It works!!
          We made some fish and it stunk up the house and the smell was gone once we simmered the cinammon.

          1. We have the same problem, especially after something with long cooking time. I can smell it on my jacket for a day or so after. We burn candles, usually a couple. Does not remove all the smell, but helps a lot. And we open the door or a window for some fresh air.

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              I like candles, too, for reducing the amount of odor that sticks with the coats and such.

              I notice the cooking smells linger in a much more annoying way in carpeted apartments -- we have much less of a problem in our current wood-floored apartment. If you have carpet, vacuuming with baking soda should help a lot.