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Dec 9, 2004 07:34 AM

Roasting nuts at home?

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I would like to roast and salt nuts at home in the oven. Can I just spray a light coating of canola oil on them instead of soaking them with oil like most recipes I have seen so far? What temperature and how long do I roast them for? Thanks,Richie

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  1. I would think you could, but just don't expect the same luscious results. Think of the difference between dry-roasted peanut and regular roasted peanuts....

    1. Depends on the nut, but about 350 F and watch them. Usually about 10 minutes but some take a little longer. If you are roasting pecans or walnuts blanch them in boiling water first, drain and rinse well. This removes the bitter surface oils. With almonds, blanch and then slip the skins off before roasting. It is a little tedious but easy and they are delicious. I sometimes fry the almonds. If you do that you want to remove them from the oil as soon as they begin to show that they are taking on some color. They will continue to darken as they cool.

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        Jeremy Newel

        I roast nuts at home regularly because I want a mix without salt. I use almonds, walnuts, pecans (all with skins on), and cashews and macadamias. Oven at 350° for varying times just under and over 10 minutes, depending on the nut and how many of them there are on the pan. I use no oil or salt. If you want to salt them, I would think you would need some oil so that the salt would stick.

        Try a batch using your nut of choice and see how you like them.