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Dec 8, 2004 07:21 PM

What to do with leftover green beans.

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I have a quart or two of leftover green beans. Can anyone suggest a casserole or other way of turning them into something delicious?

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  1. there's always the recipe on the back of campbell's cream of musrhoom's green bean casserole mixed with the soup and topped with fried onion rings. it's actually really good!

    1. I like green beans and ham. For 1 lb of cooked green beans, I use ~1/2 lb ham cut into ~1" x 1/2" squares, ~1 or 1/2 sliced yellow onions, 1-2 cloves of garlic, chicken stock.

      Saute the ham, want a glaze on the pan, add sliced onions, continue until the onions are wilted, add garlic, add chicken stock; deglaze the pan, add green beans. Continue until the green beans are the texture you like (al dente or mushy). The amount of chicken stock depends on how much liquid you want, probably ~1 cup.

      1. I learned from my grandpa that you can keep them behind and use them as "starter beans" for the next batch. This supposes the southernish style of with pork, boiled, etc.

        However, that depends on if that's the style you want, and you probably still have too much.

        1. Add to eggs in stratas & frittatas with other ingredients of your choice.

          Grill them very quickly just to additional flavor.


          If you french them (slice them long-ways), you might be able to add them to long pastas after cooking, with a dairy-based sauce.

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          1. re: Karl S.

            "If you french them (slice them long-ways), you might be able to add them to long pastas after cooking, with a dairy-based sauce."

            I made two dairy based sauces this week that might work with that. (I actually made them for a small pizza, but I'm sure they would translate to use with pasta)

            cream cheese
            herbes de Provence (or Italian blend)
            fresh pearl tomatoes (meatier than cherry tomatoes, but those would work, too) - quartered.

            Stir. garnish with cheese.

            And, kind of the same as above, except saute sliced fresh mushrooms in garlic butter, then add cream cheese, milk, herbs, fresh pearl tomatoes.

            And, of course - the green beans.

            Even more . . . get a roasted chicken from the grocery store and add pieces of that, too.

            It can be done in a casserole that way, too. Pasta should be half cooked before putting it in the greased casserole dish if doing so. Bake 30 minutes.

          2. I like this recipe from Giada de Laurentis on Food TV -- it's basically green beans sauteed with shallots, garlic, basil, and tomatoes. The recipe calls for the beans to be blanched, so if yours are already cooked you can throw them in toward the end of the cooking time.