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Dec 8, 2004 03:21 PM

Question about the Rosemary Cashew Nuts

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I saw the listing in the holiday challenge thread for the rosemary cashew nuts and thought they sounded great. My quesiton is, do they have to be served warm? And I guess, if so, that would mean you can't send them as gifts in mail? (Like shortbread cookies.) Interested in anyone's feedback on this. Thanks!

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  1. where is the holiday challenge thread???

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        on this forum?

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          Frosty Melon (was Chowderhead)
    1. I made them and let them cool then just stored them in an airtight container (I used the same container they came in) on the counter for snacking. Its been 3 days and they're fine - tastes the same now as they did when I first made them and ate them warm.

      1. I made them almost a week ahead - sealed them in a zip lock and threw in the fridge and they were great

        P.S. After I tossed the nuts in the mixture I put them back into the oven which I had turned off but was still warm and cooling down for at least 20 minutes- I think it crisped them up more and they were not greasy

        These nuts are great!!!