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Dec 8, 2004 03:21 PM

Fireside Soup Ideas

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Thinking about having a casual dinner beside our new woodburing stove. Any ideas for a hearty soup or chowder and accompaniment? Thanks!!!!!!

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  1. I made the bean and sausage soup from Epicurious (linked below) the other night and loved it. I made a bunch of changes. I added veggies to make it a one-dish meal -- a can of diced tomatoes, a small sliced zucchini, and a bag of baby spinach at the end. I also used turkey sausage, ditalini (pasta), and borlotti and kidney beans. The recipe is very forgiving and definitely a hearty meal.


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      Thanks Pia. This looks like a great site and very much like Log Cabin had. I will give them a try.

      Still looking for a soup close to their Fireside soup.

    2. I use to purchase a fireside soup starter from the Log Cabin Soup company in PA. The recipe called for chicken, sausage and pork in the soup. The LCS company seems to have gone out of business. Does anyone know of a good recipe that would be similar?

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        You may want to check out Frontier Soups. You have to add the protein, but the flavorings and extras are pretty good. I haven't ordered from them in several years, but I used to use them as Christmas gifts. Here's a link to their soup page.