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Jan 21, 2004 02:09 PM

Good food in San Bruno?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for good food in San Bruno (near SFO)? Thanks in advance.

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    Esther Landau

    Check out Fook Yuen on El Camino. Good dim sum and other stuff.

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    1. re: Esther Landau

      Note that Fook Yuen is in Millbrae, south of San Bruno.

      San Bruno has quite a few good choices. Thai Nakorn, Innya Lake (Burmese), and especially the Sunday lunch at the Thai Temple.


      1. re: Melanie Wong
        Jennifer Stimson

        Is this every Sunday? How are the prices?


        1. re: Jennifer Stimson

          You might want to try HON LIN Restaurant, Szechuan & Mandarin Dishes, Banquet Facilities Available, Lots of Parking at the Back, open 7 days week. Very good food & service & always lots of people. Their address is # 500 San Mateo Ave. San Bruno, Tel # (650) 872-2288. We have always been happy campers when we leave the place.

          1. re: Maryanne S
            Renee Aubuchon

            Hon Lin has pretty good food. I have been there about twenty times. More than half the time the service has been surly... as if they resent you being there but will begrudgingly take your order. And no, we were not being offensive in any way and were just there because we really appreciate their cooking.

          2. re: Jennifer Stimson

            You're best to call the temple for the date you want to go. It's an ongoing thing, but I don't know if there's a seasonal closing or variation for feast days. Prices, in general, were less than would be paid in a restaurant, but varied. The linked thread lists prices for several of the dishes illustrated.

      2. For a hearty meal, try the Basque Cultural Center in South SF (on Railroad Ave., I think), They serve lunch and dinner there.

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          Cyrus J. Farivar

          What about Hiro Sushi on San Bruno Ave.? It's a fav of the Marketing dept. staff at the Sanrio Corporate office in S. SF. (I worked there last summer.)