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Dec 8, 2004 01:29 PM

marinade/recipe for grilled salmon fillets

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need a quick, simple,tasty marinade/recipe for salmon fillets done on the outdoor grill for guests this weekend. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks much

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  1. I posted a similar question about frozen salmon the other week. See the link below for the Honey-Ginger recipe. It is fantastic. I have used it on 2 other dishes since. Also, instead of the recommended peppers, I just used my favorite hot sauce (rooster sauce).


    1. I used this recipe for Maple Pepper salmon bites several times this summer for grilled salmon. I just marinate the salmon filets in the maple/soy mixture instead of cutting the salmon into cubes, then grill as usual.


      1. Teriyaki is a very easy marinade.

        Miso Paste. Best/easiest in a broiler. But, if you have a fish basket, spread a thin layer of miso paste on the filet, put in basket and cook ~5-7 minutes per inch, per side. Combine miso paste, honey (50/50) for the spread, or don't use the honey. My experience is, those who like Japanese food can go either way with the honey, those who are new to Japanese style food may think miso is too strong.

        I googled Salmon with miso and honey and got 16,100 results.

        1. Here's a recipe from the Robert Mondavi site. It's very good. A lot of the recipes on this site, in fact, are.


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            peppermint pate

            I make a simple sauce of creme fraiche or 2% yoghurt (or a combination of the two) and add chopped fresh herbs (any combination of chives, coriander, parsley, dill, etc.) and some fresh lemon juice. You could also add a bit of minced garlic. I brush the salmon with a little olive oil, season with s&p and then add the herbed sauce at the end. Very refreshing.