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Dec 8, 2004 01:13 PM

Can you freeze these things and have them thaw out well?

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I'm having a holiday party in two weeks. I'd like to make things ahead of time to save myself some last minute hassle. Any advice on making and freezing the following:

Mango cheesecake
Sweet potato biscuits
Pate choux (what is the thawed out texture like?)
Fried plantains


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    Caitlin McGrath

    I don't think freezing and thawing fried things is ever a good idea, and fried plantains are really more appropriately done right before serving.

    Pate a choux will become soggy. I don't know if recrisping in the oven is a real option or not.

    Biscuits are best soon after baked, but you should be able to freeze the shaped, unbaked biscuits successfully.

    Crepes freeze well; layer them with sheets of wax paper between each crepe, wrap well, and freeze flat.

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    1. re: Caitlin McGrath

      Pate a choux can definitely be recrisped in the oven. Just throw your puffs or eclairs or what have you into the oven at about 325 degrees, straight from the freezer. they'll be fine - not as delicious as just baked, but very good. I do these frequently with little gruyere/black pepper puff balls for parties.

      I've have filled pate a choux that's been frozen. I've even been forced to make it for selling purposes, against my will. It's icky. Of course, since most people have only tasted eclairs that were filled two days before and cream puffs from the freezer, most people won't mind. They should, though.

      1. re: curiousbaker

        How about if I made the choux freeze them, then right before serving, stuff with brie and cranberry compote and bake, think that'll work?

        Ususally I do the brie and cranberry with phyllo, but was thinking of presenting it differently...

        1. re: Wendy Lai

          Not sure - I'm a bit worried they wouldn't crisp with all that wet stuff inside them. Maybe they would. But it doesn't take very long from them to thaw/crisp. You could easily throw them in the oven, get them crisp, fill them, and then throw them back in when guests arrive.

    2. I think the general rule of thumb is that, if it's got dairy in it, it won't freeze well. I would think also that the fried plantains would be somewhat mushy after thawing. Good luck!

      1. I have successfully frozen and thawed crepes several times. I just cook them, cool them, stack them, wrap the stack and freeze. I've never tried freezing them filled.

        1. The cheescake should be fine. I made a chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ahead of time for Thanksgiving, froze them and thawed them in the fridge - they were great