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Dec 8, 2004 07:19 AM

Coq au vin

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I am looking for a great recipe for this dish-- too many ones that I have found take shortcuts that seem unappetizing--

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  1. James Peterson's Glorious French Food has an amazing and quite complicated (and truly fabulous) recipe, plus a somewhat simplified version. Your local library probably has the book if you don't. Cooks Illustrated also published a recipe (last winter I think) that was quite good.

    Here is a link to an earlier discussion that you may find helpful.


    1. One hint about a decent shortcut I learned the hard way. Buy frozen pearl onions and thaw them in the fridge. The quality is, I find, higher than what one normally finds in the bins. And you'll save yourself all that parboiling and peeling that leads to uneven onions that don't glaze as well.

      1. Julia Child's recipe is my favorite. I can't remember if it's in Vol 1 or Vol 2 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. No short cuts, a fair amount of work but the end product is divine.

        Enjoy and please report back.


        1. I use a recipe that I got off I was the chef at one of those fantasy fishing lodges in Northern BC for a know, $5K a week and all the steelhead you can stand. Well, I was making coq au vin for 25 people, so I expanded the recipe. You probably know that all great kitchen accidents are prefaced by the phrase 'want to see something really cool?'. Well, long story short, if you are expanding the recipe, don't flame the entire cup of brandy at once. It will create a fireball that will mushroom the length of a 60 foot log ceiling and leave you with singed buttons on your now not so white chef jacket. Yeah. I haven't made it since :-) And it's a hard and fast rule in my kitchen that no one says 'hey, want to see something really cool?'

          1. You might check the archives for the Bistro Jeanty recipe...someone sent it in years ago. Just remember, unless you have an old "coq", cut the cooking time down substantially.

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              I went there two weeks ago and had the Coq au Vin, it was really wonderful. Then I remembered seeing the recipe in the Chronicle years ago. Wine, cognac and chocolate, no wonder why it was so good. I did a little research and viola. I put in the link but you'll need to scroll down the page for the recipe.


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                East Point Cook

                I have never ignited cognac for coq auy vin or for any dish but would like to learn how.

                Is this a simple process- just have to be careful?

                1. re: East Point Cook

                  I have never tried it but an earlier post suggests not igniting a whole cup at once. I've also heard you should turn off the exhaust fan if you ignite something.