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Dec 7, 2004 04:12 PM

do ahead appetizers

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I am planning a cocktail party for New Year's Eve and would to know some of your favorite appetizers that I can prepare in advance. They can be hot, cold or room temperature. I just want to be able to set them out so I can enjoy the rest of the evening. Thanks in advance!

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    Jennie Sheeks

    Some easy, low fuss ideas:
    - antipasti platter
    - a selection of interesting cheeses
    - various dips, dunks and spreads
    - crudite
    - smoked fish
    - cooked, chilled shrimp with a variety of sauces

    I make little puff pastry pinwheels that can be served hot or room temp. I use thawed frozen puff pastry, roll it out a bit, spread with various filling combos, roll up the puff pastry (it can be wrapped in plastic and chilled a day or two at this point) then cut off slices and bake at 375 till golden (15-20 minutes or so).
    Filling ideas:
    - blue cheese & roasted garlic mashed into softened cream cheese and sprinkled with chopped candied nuts
    - mashed brie, cream cheese and roasted red peppers or sundried tomato bits
    - raw spicy sausage or Italian sausage (slipped out of the casing)

    If you search this board there may be threads below on appetizers. Or try the search features on the main page.

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    1. re: Jennie Sheeks

      I do the puff pastry pinwheels too only with gruyere, sage and prosciutto. so easy and good! I may have to try your ideas as well.

      1. re: wurstle
        Jennie Sheeks

        Ooooh, your version sounds so good that I think I'm going to do it for Christmas.
        My sausage variation is also really good for brunch or breakfast too.

        1. re: Jennie Sheeks

          got it from Gourmet's 5 ingredient cookbook (which is a bit of a dud except for this recipe). Epicurious has a version linked below.


    2. e
      East Point Cook

      Goat cheese fritters served at room temperature.
      Form goat cheese patties; dip in flour, egg, and bread crumbs and fry in extra virgin olive oil.
      Serve with a vinaigrette made with honey, mustard, brown sugar, oil and vinegar.
      Drizzle the fritters with the vinaigrette and top with dried cranberries.

      1. Baked Clams, Stuffed Mushrooms, Sausage or Stramboli bread, mini crabcakes.