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Dec 7, 2004 03:59 PM

Substitute for sherry vinegar?

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I have a lentil salad recipe with a vinaigrette that calls for sherry vinegar, which of course I can't seem to find anywhere.

Any suggested substitutes? I have sherry, and I have red wine, balsamic, rice, apple cider, raspberry, and white vinegar.


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  1. wine vinegar or balsamic would probably work the best. Sherry wine vinegar has a wood-aged and, to my taste somewhat musty taste. Its not as sweet as balsamic, so dont use as much. Cider or rice would probably be ok as subs too, just not raspberry - and white vinegar doesnt add any flavor at all so I would avoid that too.

    1. It would depend on the other ingredients in the salad but all things being equal, and especially if there is garlic in the salad, I would opt for the red wine vinegar.

      For the future, sherry vinegar is increasingly easy to find and I think it is a worthwhile ingredient to have in the cupboard. Keep looking for it.

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        babette feasts

        I would do cider vinegar and a little sherry. (A little sherry never hurt anyone.)

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          For a lentil salad red wine vinegar is probably the best bet but it won't taste at all like sherry vinegar. That's OK, it'll still be good. I'd stay away from balsamic and raspberry.

          You can buy sherry vinegar online at The Spanish Table or at Tienda, both of which are excellent sources for all things Iberian.

          1. You can choose from quite a few types at Draeger's in San Mateo, Los Altos, or Menlo Park.

            Sherry vinegar has a distinct flavor (not musty if it's any good) that can't easily be replaced. I think it'd be better to lose the flavor than introduce a flavor that might not work. So, a white vinegar or maybe even a champagne vinegar (my other go-to vinegar) could work. MAYBE using a neutral vinegar and a slight hit of sherry could do the trick.